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City 101.6 FM - Live Radio from Dubai

Here is one of the the coolest radio station with alot of cool RJs. Though it was a pain in the neck to find it, I am fascinated that I found this lovely radio station with lots of awesome RJs. I have been listening to it since a past few months and you know what, it's fantastic. It gets streamed from Dubai, and is really worth listening to as it mainly broadcasts great hindi songs. Here you can request songs through mails, telephone and sms too and cool buddies out there may even read your whole mail live on radio. There are a lot of internationals listeners of this fascinating station, you would need a very good luck to be picked up. As it's a real radio station you would get a very brief (1 minute) news segments of what's going in around the world and a lots of local reference but who cares:). Are you reading, come on start listening!!

Click Play Button! and enjoy!
P.S. Please read my tutorial using the links below if you can't listen the radio.

Songs are streamed at 64 kbps, and the sound quality is good. If you like to listen more, then don't close this window. Minimize it, go to desktop (or start Menu) open 'Internet Explorer' and start your work in a new window (Or new tab in Firefox). You can enjoy songs, while surfing any other site of the world, I will love if you explore my site (hahahaha). I hope you have a nice time listening it. Cheers!!

Note: Can't Listen the radio? I can Help you, click on your problem.
  1. Radio is not working :
  2. Song is playing with gaps of a few second!
  3. Which all stations can I listen to?

If you encounter a problem tell me you problem. It will see what can I do!
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Rocker said...

Its fantastic yaar. City101.6 FM is a very good radio station. Have been listeining to it since the past 20 minutes, and it has been playing awesome songs and the RJs are also vry good......

Keep Rocking......

ali said...

How to put online radio streaming on my blog

shrill said...

i am using google chrome...how can i listen..??

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