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Dev D Songs Download [MP3] [2009]

Arman requested a song yesterday, and here it is the whole album:p. Hope he finds a way to it. Here are the songs which are way different than what we normally encounter in bollywood. Dev D is the modern day DevDas, at least that's what the reviewers claim. I have not seen it, so can't confirm it?? Its starring Abhay Deol as Dev, Mahie Gill as Paro and Kalki Koechlin as Chandramukhi and is directed by Anurag Kashyap. It was released back in February 2009 and is having a very good rating 0f 8.5 on IMDB. Think gonna check it out, myself:)
The tunes are composed by Amit Trivedi, who has almost included everything that he could think of, Let it be rock, bhangra, fusion and classical. I like some of them I hope you like them too!
Free direct MP3 Links! To download songs of Dev D,
Right Click a song and choose 'Save Target As'. Enjoy!
  1. Aankh Micholi - Amit Trivedi
  2. Dev Chanda - Themes 1
  3. Dev Chanda - Themes 2
  4. Dhol Yaara Dhol - Shilpa Rao, Kshitij
  5. Dil Mein Jaagi - Mani
  6. Duniya - Amit Trivedi
  7. Ek Hulchul Si - Joi Barua
  8. Emosanal Attyachaar - Brass Band Version - Rangeela, Rasila
  9. Emosanal Attyachaar - Rock Version - Bony Chakravarthy
  10. Hikknaal - Labh Jajua
  11. Mahi Mennu - Sad Version - Labh Jajua
  12. Mahi Mennu - Labh Jajua
  13. Nayan Tarse - Amit Trivedi
  14. Paayaliya - Shruti Pathak
  15. Pardesi - Tochi
  16. Ranjhana - Shilpa Rao, Kshitij
  17. Saali Khushi - Amit Trivedi
  18. Yahi Meri Zindagi - Aditi Singh Sharma
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Anonymous said...

One of the best music created in recent times...

kshitij said...

get ready for emosanal attachyar!!!

Anonymous said...

real emosanal attachyar!!!

Anonymous said...

i like payaliya very much

Anonymous said...

Hi MF/Rocker,

Can you please add songs for Oye Lucky Lucky oye,
realy funny songs, especially Superchor and title song.

Anonymous said...

Its Veryyyy Goooddddddd......Lottsssss of song here...

Anonymous said...

thank u . wonderful collection of songs. gr8 job

Anonymous said...

Hi, cud u add this song of Arjun Rampal's. dunno which movie its from...
Its Jaan leva Jaan leva

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